The Internet, the World Wide Web, created by Sir Tim Berners Lee using HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP). Public commercial use of the internet first started in 1989 with the World Wide Web being accessible by 1990 using a Web Browser as a gateway. By 1995 the World Wide Web had evolved with the first online bank going online in 1996, the OP Financial Group followed closely followed by the cooperative bank, the first bank in Europe to use the World Wide Web for banking.

The internet was initially designed to connect users around the world but soon spawned a series of search engines allowing users to access information via a keyword instead of using an index. He first search engine was ‘Archie’, Archive without a V. This was soon followed by Lycos in 1994, Yahoo with it’s directory in 1995 and the most successful to date Google in 1998.
Although the internet has given us access to boundless information and created new opportunities, it has also had a downside with misuse and has changed the way we communicate and live in many respects from social interaction to shopping for food.

Amazon from online bookstore to the world’s largest marketplace

Formerly Cadabra, Amazon which was founded by Jeff Bezos is just one example how the internet has changed the way we live. The internet has seen many booms and has evolved tremendously with a reported 44.4 million users in 1995 to a staggering 3.4 billion users in 2016 (information by Alongside this development we’ve seen huge developments with introduction of Broadband, Smartphones and so much more and it’s this that has improved and at the same time damaged the world we live in. With more and more users using the web to purchase has had a devastating effect on retail stores with many cities and towns turned into ghost towns.

Amazon first started out by selling books, today you can purchase anything from a pen to a fridge freezer at prices that many just can’t compete with due to overheads. Although the internet has damaged retail, Amazon is a second blow with now accounting for most the world’s ecommerce searches, in fact, Amazon now outperforms Google with purchase related searches and is continuing to grow.

From Amazon’s once humble beginnings to the worlds most dominant marketplace, this huge shift has transformed the way we purchase of which has created many recessions. This has had many knock-on effects including loss of jobs due to stores closing, manufactures going out of business and the jobs Amazon have created are low paid.

Running an online business in 2019

If you want to earn a living from an online business, it’s still possible although may sound daunting in 2019. Firstly, you must consider marketing products on Amazon naturally as it’s the world’s largest marketplace, in fact it’s imperative to market your products across many hubs from Google to Ebay to ensure you have coverage and consistency. There are still many people making an enormously successful living online, it’s how it’s done that makes the difference. To be truly successful you must research the market you want to sell within and study the competition thoroughly.

Amazon’s Algorithms

Once you’ve studied the industry and niche you want to sell within, the next step would be to study how Amazon works. Amazon has an extremely advanced algorithm called A10, it was launched in 2018 superseding the A9 algorithm. The A10 algorithm is sales hungry working on ‘sales velocity’, in short if you sell more, Amazon earn more, your rank increases, however first you must carry out many steps starting with content.

To stand any chance of ranking within Amazon’s search results for a competitive keyword you must first aim to get A+ content. A+ content is awarded to listings that have high quality, engaging and informative content which includes a well composed title, bullet points, pictures, videos, formatting and more.
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