Cool birthday gifts for men of all ages

Get a birthday surprise that actually will surprise, something fun and different that he can show off with but use at the same time with these really cool birthday gifts for men to suit any budget. Giving gifts doesn’t have to break the bank so take a look at the range or quirky cool gifts and say happy birthday with a smile.

Matchstick Pencils and Matchstick Notelets

Strike up a smile with a vintage style box of 10 wooden pencils that look like a box of matches. You can never find a pencil when you need one, so this cute box will keep them safe and handy to fit in pockets or just keep neat on the desk and ready to go out on the job for easy note making. The wooden pencils have red tip erasers on the end to complete the look and wipe away mistakes.
Make it the perfect gift and include the matching notelets, masquerading as a matchstick booklet. Containing 40 useful sticky notes in a flip open card cover to jot down messages and notes for the man on the move these notelets fit in the top pocket for smooth groove access.

Adventure Journal

Challenge the inner adventurer to do more of the things he talks about. The interactive journal has over 240 bucket list ideas in places around the world so kick start his dreams and let his imagination run wild with this motivation birthday gift where life begins at any age. Choose culture, cuisine, activity or nature themed adventures and keep a track of your journey in this 68 page journal and 8 mini scratch maps with dots to scratch off where you have been. Comes in a smart black and copper folder to keep them in, and other travel documents for an easy transportable companion. And have you ever thought of giving him an LOL Boosting package? let me tell you that if he is a gamer he will be completely obsessed with the gift.

Camera Light

He will be totally surprised when he opens this retro styled camera to find it is actually a rechargeable bedside light that not only looks cool but is light and compact to pack on camp trips and festivals to use when just enough light is needed when there is no battery left on the phone to find your way in the dark. Use the shutter button to turn off and on and last up to 12 hours before needing a recharge. Comes with USB cable. A cool birthday gift for the men who like gadgets with a flicker of humor.

A brief overview on motorhome conversions

Motor home  and camper conversions are getting famous among people day by day. People seem to love the idea of a vehicle that provides the comfort of home. The idea of travelling around everywhere along with your ‘home’ is really fascinating. A lot of big companies have brought into market their latest designs of Motorhomes. These vans are also called caravanette and ‘recreational vehicles’ RV in America. Their size in America is larger than any other country around Europe.
It was a dream once to travel and explore your own country. You think twice before making a trip like that because of the air travel expenses and short budget. It’s almost impossible to roam around in your vehicle carrying so many luggage items. Road travelling is much more fun than flying. You get the true feeling of an explorer only when you see places in person. Reaching any other city on planes would simply land you at its airport and you would be deprived from those wonderful sights of nature that you might’ve seen while driving. Motor home conversions have made this dream come true. Now you can roam around anywhere with all the necessary household items. These vans provide the comfort of home outside home. Motor homes are no doubt cosy and are rightly called the RVs.
More and more people are getting motor home conversions done on their vehicles. A wise way of getting a Motorvan is to buy a second hand van and redecorate it yourself. Second hand vehicles can be found in a considerably reduced amount nowadays. You can design your own vehicle if you’re good with tools. There are many companies that offer to decorate your vans for you but the cheaper and pocket friendly way is doing it yourself.
As motor home conversions are becoming common, many companies offer affordable packages to design your RVs. The competition among these companies has influenced them to keep flexible rates. There are a number of styles available in vans and buses. You can buy one of the fully furnished buses by these companies or ask them to make changes as per your wish and requirements.
These vehicles can have showers, toilets, cooking range, sitting area, single beds etc. Some people skip the showering area or beds. It’s entirely your choice what you want to keep and what not. If you wish to experience a full home like environment than the best choice is to get a comparatively larger bus and get it converted. Huge buses have a lot of space to keep room for even showers and beds. The more money you spend the cooler RV you will get. Modern designs even include LCD TVs. It’s one in a lifetime deal so be witty while you choose to buy or convert your vehicle into motor homes. Hiring experts and professionals to do the job may cost you more but it’s their responsibility to make the conversions going until you’re satisfied. Keep in mind that professionals know what to do and how to do it. Stay tuned because on my next post I will tell you what you need to know about strollers.